• Digital Lens

    Digital Lens

    Aspheric design, thin, transparent, lightweight, no deformation
    Different degrees are provided for seeing far, middle and near, making it more convenient to use your eyes, and protecting your eye health at will
    The problem of limited vision has been significantly improved, and the initial wear adaptation time is very short, which can adapt quickly
    The optical precision reaches the ideal optical precision. Crosswindows mold is made to meet the personalized needs. The lens varies from person to person and is customized

    Index:1.56 1.60 1.67 1.74

  • Hmc SV Lens

    Hmc SV Lens

    Aspheric design, lighter and thinner, higher lens transmittance
    More realistic edge imaging, wider vision, comfortable and beautiful wearing
    Multi-layer coating process, super wear-resistant, safe and durable
    Effectively improve visual contrast and reduce visual fatigue


  • Blue Cut SV Lens

    Blue Cut SV Lens

    Effectively absorb high-energy blue light harmful to retina
    Compared with the reflective design, the contrast of the object is clearer and the blue light barrier effect is more stable
    Intelligent light filtering technology can soften the light and improve the comfort of eyes through beneficial light
    Block harmful blue light and reduce the incidence of diseases such as retinal macular disease and cataract

    Index:1.56 1.60 1.67

  • Mirror Coating Lens

    Mirror Coating Lens

    Large diameter, large base bend, colorful and dazzling, various options, outdoor lenses specially designed for myopia;
    Adopt polarized light coating technology, filter harmful light layer by layer, effectively protect eyes, and bring comfortable wearing experience;  
    Effectively block harmful strong light and ultraviolet rays, eliminate glare, protect the eyes in all directions, and make the vision more comfortable and natural;
    Double-sided stiffening improves the wear resistance of the lens, excellent optical performance, strong impact resistance, and reduces visual fatigue

    Index:1.56 1.60

  • Super Flex Lens

    Super Flex Lens

    Aspheric design, high Abbe number, high clarity and high light transmittance
    New titanium crystal film is adopted, which is super wear-resistant and safe for eyes
    Waterproof and oil-resistant, durable, effectively block harmful blue light, and relieve visual fatigue
    High hardness and toughness, drillable, suitable for rimless cutting and drilling glasses


  • Photochromic Lens

    Photochromic Lens

    High-end color change technology is adopted. Compared with ordinary color change film, color change is faster, more uniform and more durable
    Block harmful ultraviolet rays and all kinds of harmful light, protect eyes from injury, and really care for your healthy vision
    It turns dark in the sun outside, colorless in the room, automatically changes color, one mirror for three purposes, easy to use
    Automatically adjust the intensity of light entering the eyes, provide excellent visual effect, make the wearer feel comfortable and reduce visual fatigue
    Customizable: substrate discoloration or film discoloration

    Index:1.56 1.60 1.67

  • 360 Circle lens

    360 Circle lens

    Aspheric design, ultra-light and ultra-thin, crystal and transparent, and the object is clearer without deformation
    360 ° intelligent circular zoom, reducing paracentric hyperopia defocus, omni-directional restraint of form deprivation, and infinite wide field of vision
    Free form surface technology and optometry technology are integrated, and visual optimization technology and anti-fatigue technology are adopted to comprehensively alleviate visual fatigue
    360 ° full field of vision, no dead angle, no blind area design, effectively alleviate visual fatigue, slow down the increase of myopia, and have 360 ° clear vision

    Index:1.56 1.60