360 Circle lens

360 Circle lens

360 Circle lens

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Aspheric design, ultra-light and ultra-thin, crystal and transparent, and the object is clearer without deformation
360 ° intelligent circular zoom, reducing paracentric hyperopia defocus, omni-directional restraint of form deprivation, and infinite wide field of vision
Free form surface technology and optometry technology are integrated, and visual optimization technology and anti-fatigue technology are adopted to comprehensively alleviate visual fatigue
360 ° full field of vision, no dead angle, no blind area design, effectively alleviate visual fatigue, slow down the increase of myopia, and have 360 ° clear vision

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Adjust Retinal Imaging Performance


The peripheral adjustment effect of ordinary lenses is insufficient, resulting in the lag of adjustment, which is easy to cause the eye axis to be forced to lengthen and deepen the degree of myopia. 360 multi-function lens enables peripheral imaging to fall on the retina, alleviates the impact of peripheral defocusing on the deepening of myopia, and can effectively prevent the occurrence and progress of myopia.


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What Is Annular lens?

360 ° intelligent circular zoom reduces hyperopia defocusing at the side center, prevents form deprivation in all directions, and has an infinite and wide field of vision.
Free form surface technology is integrated with optometry technology, and visual optimization technology and anti fatigue technology are used to comprehensively alleviate visual fatigue
360 ° full field of vision, no dead angle, no blind area design, effectively alleviate visual fatigue, slow down the increase in myopia, with 360 ° clear vision.
The advanced free surface design technology is used to precisely calculate the free surface rate of the lens, and to polish the central and peripheral degrees more suitable for the physiological characteristics of the eye,And release the eye position movement of the optician, alleviate eye fatigue, and achieve a relatively unified reduction of form deprivation and paracentral defocusing,It can not only reduce the side center defocusing phenomenon, but also expand the clear visual field,Conform to people's scanning habits, with sufficient peripheral clarity and comfort.

True myopia cannot be cured, but myopia can be prevented and controlled. We can delay the continuous progress of myopia through efforts
And the axial length continues to increase, reducing the possibility of developing into high myopia.
The following three methods are recommended for better prevention and control effect.

1. The right way to use your eyes
The eyes will be in a constant state of tension when looking close, and incorrect sitting posture will further increase the burden of looking close. Children should maintain correct sitting posture when learning and playing. After looking closely for a long time, you can relax your eyes by looking far away.

2.Increase outdoor activities
Outdoor activities are considered the most potential mitigation measures. For children with high academic pressure and heavy burden of eye use, active participation in outdoor activities can effectively slow the increase of myopia.

3.High quality lenses that can help delay the tendency of myopia
When the head of the family finds that the child is nearsighted, instead of worrying, what should be done more is to buy a lens with high performance for the child, which is helpful to delay the deepening trend of myopia, and avoid developing into high myopia by slowing the growth of myopia.

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