Photochromic Lens

Photochromic Lens

Photochromic Lens

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High-end color change technology is adopted. Compared with ordinary color change film, color change is faster, more uniform and more durable
Block harmful ultraviolet rays and all kinds of harmful light, protect eyes from injury, and really care for your healthy vision
It turns dark in the sun outside, colorless in the room, automatically changes color, one mirror for three purposes, easy to use
Automatically adjust the intensity of light entering the eyes, provide excellent visual effect, make the wearer feel comfortable and reduce visual fatigue
Customizable: substrate discoloration or film discoloration

Index:1.56 1.60 1.67

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Place of Origin:CN;JIA Brand Name:Commenda
Model Number:1.56、1.60、1.67 Lenses Material:Resin
Vision Effect:Single Vision Coating:HMC,EMI,UV400,superhydrophobic
Lenses Color:Grey Dimater:65/70/75mm
Design:Aspherical Function:superhydrophobic
Specific Gravity:1.3 Light Transmittance:98-99%
Abrasion Resistance:6-8H Index:1.56、1.60、1.67
Material:Resin Photochromic:gray
   Abbe Value:32-38  Varies with material

Product Feature

What Is Photochromic lenses

It turns dark in the sunlight outdoors and colorless indoors. It changes color automatically. One mirror can be used for three purposes. It is easy to use
Automatically adjust the intensity of light entering the eyes, provide excellent visual effect, make the wearer feel comfortable, and reduce visual fatigue
Commda optical color changing mirror has a fast response to the environment,the maximum color depth should be reached when the color changing mirror is exposed to sunlight for a few minutes.
High quality color changing mirror can effectively block ultraviolet A and B, and provide the most effective ultraviolet protection for the wearer.

Why wear photochromic lenses?

Vulnerable and sensitive eyes fear ultraviolet rays as much as skin. Long term overexposure to sunlight will lead to a variety of eye diseases.


After illumination, the pain is very strong, manifested as eye pain, eyelid redness and swelling, photophobia, head pain and iris. It is usually caused by snow, sand or water environment exposed to strong light.


The bulbar conjunctiva and cornea of the cracked face of people moving under strong light are easy to grow a kind of vegetative tissue, which may cause itching and dryness of the eyes, or conjunctival congestion and inflammation. Also called "surfer's eye”.


The lens protein is denatured and turbid, resulting in blurred vision, ghosting, night blindness, photophobia, iridescence, and yellow or brown color of vision. Although aging is the biggest cause of the disease, overexposure of the eyes to ultraviolet rays will increase the probability of cataracts.

Macular Degeneration

It is a kind of macular degeneration (AMD) caused by retinal damage, and the macula is where our vision is clearest. AMD is the main cause of age-related blindness. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light increases the risk of macular degeneration.

If you need a pair of blue light proof lenses with good quality and function
you can choose Commda


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