Blue Cut SV Lens

Blue Cut SV Lens

Blue Cut SV Lens

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Effectively absorb high-energy blue light harmful to retina
Compared with the reflective design, the contrast of the object is clearer and the blue light barrier effect is more stable
Intelligent light filtering technology can soften the light and improve the comfort of eyes through beneficial light
Block harmful blue light and reduce the incidence of diseases such as retinal macular disease and cataract

Index:1.56 1.60 1.67

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Place of Origin:CN;JIA Brand Name:Commenda
Model Number:1.56、1.60、1.61 Lenses Material: Resin
Vision Effect:Single Vision Coating:HMC
Lenses Color:Clear Diameter:70mm/65mm
Index:1.56、1.60、1.61 Color:Green
MOQ:1 Pair RX Single Vision (SPH & ASP):ASP
RX Lens:available Free Form:available
Specific Gravity:1.28 ABrasion Resistance:6-8H
Abbe Value:32 - 38   Varies with material

Product Feature

What Is Blue Light ?

For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on blue light, one of the many hues in all visible light.
Blue light is naturally produced by the sun but also by computer monitors, smartphone screens and other digital devices. In addition to these, blue light is produced by LED and fluorescent lights, and compact fluorescent light bulbs. Blue light is essential in maintaining your sleep and wake cycle, mood and keeping your memory sharp.


The duality of blue light
The disadvantages of blue light:
First of all, it can penetrate the cornea and lens and directly reach the retina. Therefore, long-term blue light exposure can cause damage to retinal cells, and this damage to the fundus is cumulative. Especially for people who are vulnerable to eye damage and who have been exposed to harmful blue light for a long time, the harmful blue light wavelength is mainly concentrated in the 400-445nm band;
Benefits of Blu light:
The beneficial blue light is mainly in the 445-500nm wave band, which can inhibit melatonin and regulate human circadian rhythm.
Therefore, blue light is not all harmful; Blue light in each band plays a different role.

If you need a pair of blue light proof lenses with good quality and function
you can choose Commda


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